Discovering Yourself

Have you ever wondered what you are truly capable of achieving in a lifetime? Do you really know the meaning behind the person you are? The idea of becoming familiar or discovering yourself as a person can be quite a challenging task to some, simply people lack in their self confidence to step out and find their purpose in life. People become quite satisfied in their status pro quo and therefore don’t push the limits of life to truly discover themselves and the capabilities that they may possess. However, if you are willing to go that extra leap forward to truly identify yourself, you will become a much more successful person in whatever field that may be, weather it be playing professional sport, or professionally in a business office.

Stay true to yourself, don’t be that person that fails and gives up in the hardest of times, failures of the past are generally responsible for those people giving up and fearing the next time they see an opportunity to take rise to themselves. We need to let go off these fears and failures, and treat them as motivation and learning skills for the future. Its about stepping up, rather than down to the issue being faced, this is an opportunity to personally break free of all the past effects that have previously stopped you, and become true to the person you are, through self empowerment to chase your future in discovering the person you are and the person you wish to be. It’s also important to fully understand your past story and why you are where you are today. We can’t be covering up our past, rather we need to embrace our past and further look into the actions we took and understand our reactions so we can separate ourselves from the more harmful experiences and move in a direction of positivity.

Even though people like to let external factors control and shape them as people, its about accepting what life brings us, weather it be positively or negatively, and taking correct action to overcome these negatively issued fears. It should be within the person’s willing desire to break free from previous hard ache to take on a life course that will lead them into discovery, and as a result we need to take responsibility of ourselves when facing these fears.

There will always be those select few people growing up around you that will not believe in you or your goals. These are the kind of people you need to separate yourself from, these people will eventually drag you down, dampen your spirits and ultimately destroy confidence and stop any forward personal gain. You need to surround yourself with good people, people that believe in you, your aspirations and your dreams. People than you can turn to when you need help, or just someone to talk to when the going gets tough at times and seems impossible to overcome. Discovering yourself starts within your desire to step out and face life’s ups and downs on your own. I know I had some outside critics that believed I shouldn’t go to college and wasn’t ready for the journey, however, with the positive reinforcement from within me and my family, I took on this journey and it has definitely put me in the right direction in discovering the person I wish to become in the near future.

I encourage you to let go of your fears, and go out and try to discover the person you are. You’ll be surprised with what you find.

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Achieving Success

Have you ever wondered how much success a person could achieve in a life time? Now think about what is stopping you from achieving such success, is it because you’re afraid of chasing your dreams? Do you lack in self confidence? Or are you simply happy with where you are at in your life? All are relevant questions when contemplating life choices. Striving for success can either be in the form of personal success where you look to achieve personal goals, or even financial goals, which could be described as being financially stable to look after your future family. However, one underlying feature of achieving success is the way in which the person must have such determination to achieve success that stepping outside of their comfort zone comes naturally to them.

The idea of success is something I wasn’t very familiar with growing up, I had always been a passionate sports person playing multiple sports like; tennis, cricket, rugby and later came golf (15 years old) but have never experienced the success I once dreamed. Success wouldn’t come to me until I took that so called “leap” into unknown waters and riding this wave of success over the last 4 years both on the golf course and in the classroom has been a great adventure, and I believe it has set me up for my future life endeavours. Success may come naturally to some with their god given talents, but most of us will have to work for it and its our strength of desire inside that will eventually prevail in the end and it’s definitely a good feeling to experience when success does finally come in to your life.

As I have stated in my previous blogs, I couldn’t be more thankful for this lifetime opportunity for the friendships I have built and the experiences I’ve encountered. However, the one thing I am extremely thankful is that this journey has allowed me to achieve the taste of success and what it takes to be successful. I first left Australia with the intention to give this journey all that I had and come home with no regrets, this desire to give it my all has paid off and have achieved some success that I thought I never would have. I first attended junior college which had a very successful men’s golf program and even though my first few months were quite tough on me, where I considered coming home, I battled through and when it came to the fall season of 2014, through the hard work I reached the number one junior college golfer, an achievement I thought I would never achieve. As a result, I was then recruited to be apart of the University of Nevada, Reno men’s golf team, where my goal of playing NCAA DI golf was also now a reality. Over the next 3 years at the University both on the course and in the classroom I would achieve some great accomplishments, I came 3rd individually at the Mountain West Conference Championships amongst other greater results. I would be apart of the Mountain West All-Academic team the last 2 years and just recently I was named a 2x All American Scholar (last 2 years), achievements in the classroom that I have never experienced before.

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Take The Leap

“Take the leap”, “Dive into unknown waters” are all phrases that we associate with encouraging the notion of change. The idea of change has become engrained into most of us, as a way of life. Life deals us many ups and downs and it’s from these challenges that these phrases will encourage us as individuals to change our ways. Most of us would agree that at some point in our life we have become so comfortable in our day to day existence we struggle to see the value in change. However, we need to understand the importance and value of stepping outside of our comfort zones, we never know what opportunities await us, and the last thing we want to live with is regret

It would be roughly 4 years to this the day that I decided to take the so called “leap” into unchartered waters, the day where I would sign my letter of acceptance into the American College system. “Why did I decide to take the leap?” This is a question I often find myself asking. I was very new to the idea of moving out of home, I had always been under a family roof so living away from home, especially in a foreign country was very demanding mentally. The reason why I said “yes” to this once in a lifetime opportunity was because I was determined to discover the person I am today.  Through the countless challenges I have encountered over the four years of this incredible journey, I believe that I have grown into the person I once envisioned to be. Taking this leap abroad was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. There was nothing stopping me from saying no to this mind blowing adventure but along with my desire and passion to pursue golf my fears of leaving my family & starting a new life were overpowered by this new adventure and I could not be more thankful.

Speaking solely from experience, I believe that everyone should step outside their comfort zone for a period of time just so you can gain a greater understanding of what it’s like to surround yourself with the unknown.  And you never know, it could change the way you view the world and accept change. I will always continue to say that my choice to study in America for the full 4 years will be one of the most memorable life experiences I will ever encounter. I have met so many great people and have built lasting relationships that will last a life time. From this experience I have grown as a person both mentally and physically, and have learned so much about myself, more than what I would have if I had stayed at home & not taken this opportunity all the way to the other side of the world.

I encourage you all to be accepting of the next opportunity that comes your way, take that leap and you wont be disappointed, you never know what’s around the corner.

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Common Reasons For Being Comfortable

Being comfortable is something we are all familiar with. When we are comfortable we are generally not willing to extend ourselves and this could be due to several reasons. I believe I have experienced many of these reasons, and even though they are tough to overcome initially, a person’s willingness to extend and challenge their own self will eventually overcome these fears.

Family Matters –  As we all continue to grow, we become more and more appreciative of the family that you’ve been brought up in.  This makes it even more difficult to detach yourself from these strong family bonds that have been created. I know, as I neared my first departure date to the United States, I was dreading the day the day that I had to leave my family for the first time to encounter an experience of a lifetime journey that was still full of unknowns. The level of comfort that was created in my family home throughout my early years is a level that will never be recreated. Being surrounded by loved ones, on a daily basis, is something that I will cherish forever and will never be forgotten. We all know that we have become too comfortable living at home when the idea of rent never crosses your mind, or we have always come home to our laundry being done etc.

Other support groups – Most of us would have all attended and then proceeded to graduate from high school. We could all agree that by the end of our high school days, we would have created a large friendship group. It is these friendship groups that we will become more appreciative of as everyone moves away to their different colleges throughout the country or even the world like myself. We have spent many years with each other, and moving away is a tough task, especially in my situation.  was moving away from friends and family and my home country of Australia to America where I knew no one. I was starting from square one again, and I wasn’t comfortable with this idea to be honest. However, over the last 4 years I have developed many strong relationships in the United States, and honestly, I will be just as sad to leave these friendships behind as I was leaving my hometown friendships.

We as humans usually tend to view change as a negative idea, and because of these tendencies, most of us will resist change. We have become too frightened to take risks, and it is in our human nature, that we like to have a clear idea of what the outcome might be taking of taking such risks. When we don’t have a clear idea we are less willing to proceed to take risks. A written article helps explain the negative impact of staying within your comfort zone and how this idea is holding you back from developing and finding yourself in the future.

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