Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be a rather precarious thought for most people, we are most happy inside our comfort zones and it is because of these positive feelings we get that we are afraid to expand our horizons, losing the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities that life can grant us.

It was the middle of the year 2013, when I received an email from a junior college in Phoenix, AZ called; South Mountain Community College, expressing their interests of me in joining the golf team in the spring of 2014. Personally, my emotions were mixed, I didn’t know what to think at the time, and even though it was a dream come true, deep down I knew it was going to be quite a life changing moment to move out of the comfort of my family home and away from friends to chase my dreams in a totally new and un ventured environment of the United States.

It has now almost been 4 years since I first landed in the United States, standing on the curb side at Phoenix airport, thinking to myself; “What am I doing here?”. This was a whole new experience to me, and even if I wasn’t particularly reading for this journey, I can tell you from my own experience, how life changing this experience has been and I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity from the very beginning. I now live life with no regrets.