Embrace The Opportunities

Who has been granted an amazing opportunity to take their life in a different direction, but have been scared to do so because of their fear of taking on the unknown and their unwillingness to change? Life can be a wonderful idea at the best of times, even though some of us may see the bad side of life sometimes, it provides us with endless amounts of opportunities day in day out, we are constantly being surrounded by opportunities. Weather or not we embrace these opportunities is a whole different story. Embracing these opportunities can act as an avenue for change for some people, its regarded as a change catalyst. Opportunities can be in the form of so many different ideas from, finding a new level of happiness, to a change in career path that has the ability to provide you with all the success and happiness you have been trying so hard to achieve in the past.

Opportunities are thrown at us from all different angles, but often times, our minds aren’t there to grasp on to these opportunities. This can be because we are still worried about or holding on to past experiences that we can’t seem to manage to let go, and it is these experiences that often blind side us from facing potential new opportunities. We need to have the ability to ‘let go’ most of the time, however it is easier said then done. A lot of us believe that the better days are behind us, and it’s only a slow decline to the bottom from a centre point in life, and these people are often the ones that can be described as being stubborn or even having a close mind to the outside world. It is important to understand that the future holds endless amounts of opportunities for everyone and anyone, and it’s up to their personality and beliefs weather or not they can actually accept uncertainty in the future and view it is as being a positive aspect rather than a negative aspect. If you are one of those people who love the idea of facing uncertainty in the future by taking calculated risks, then you will often share an open mind, and these are the types of people who continually seek success in their lifetime, even though they are understanding of the fact that they could also fail in their endeavours.

When I left home for the first time in my life to chase my dreams almost 4 years ago, I was dealt with many uncertainties, so many that it also forced me to stay home and forfeit my scholarship at college in America. I have experienced a lot of these uncertainties up until this point in my life, and even though I’m sure I will be dealt with many more opportunities throughout my life, I’m sure this particular opportunity to come to the United States will be regarded as one of my more life changing opportunities. I have always been the one to find comfort in my own home very easily, however, I knew I had the potential to do something great and I wasn’t going to chase it on the couch and having an opportunity like this one couldn’t be thrown out the window. I have now learned to be much more open minded about life and its challenges, but at the same time my open mind outlook on life has provided with many more opportunities and happiness at the same time, that goes without saying I have also experienced many failures along the way but have viewed them as an opportunity to learn.

Embrace life’s opportunities with open arms, you never know where they could lead you.

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Take Out The Negativity

Are you a person who views the glass as being “half empty” or “half-full”? If you are someone who views it as being “half empty” then generally you are someone who is rather pessimistic about the future, whereas someone who sees the glass as being “half full” then you can regard yourself as being an optimist, where you’re optimistic about the future. It is being in this positive frame of mind that allows you to live a life full of happiness, success, and even wealth. The way our minds work, when we expect good things to happen to us, generally you will make decisions and take on opportunities that will lead to positivity and successful results. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, being a pessimist, you are constantly dealing with the struggles of only expecting bad things to happen to you. Like those people that firmly believe they get the tough end of the draw or they never get the ‘lucky’ breaks are generally the ones who have a negative outlook on everything, and they will continue to do so until it all becomes to hard for them and give up on what they are trying to achieve.

One way that can help someone over come the enormity of negativity in their life is by setting reasonable, yet achievable goals. Often those people who become disinterested and unmotivated are those who set challenging goals that can’t realistically be reached at the best of times. It is from these failures that put down a lot of people in trying to become successful and all of a sudden they enter this deep spiral of negativity and continually put themselves down. However, by setting small, incremental goals and achieving them at the same time can be very satisfying and rewarding to the individual, and it’s in these instances that we become more and more motivated because we are in fact achieving goals that have been set, even though they may be smaller in stature, the satisfaction of achieving goals is still there.

I still believe that a lot of us don’t have the courage to improve our own well being and other circumstances. This can be done through the action of stepping outside of your comfort zone, by doing so, we are increasing our levels of self confidence by doing something that isn’t initially within our comfort levels. By stretching your limits just that little extra each time you expose yourself to something new, you are automatically increasing your capabilities as a person, and all of a sudden you realise how large your capabilities reach.

Like I have previously stated in previous blogs, there is a strong correlation between surrounding yourself with positive minded people and you becoming one of them eventually. Both optimism and pessimism is contagious, so its rather easy to place yourself on either side of the spectrum, so its important as an individual to notice the traits of pessimistic person and avoid those people as much as you can and find those who see themselves as being optimists.

Think about the idea of the glass being half-full or half-empty, and think to yourself how you would interpret this idea.

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Be Goal Oriented

How often have you sat down and actually thought about your goals and eventually set some realistic yet achievable goals? I would say a majority of us would say they don’t in fact do that, and rather let life take its own course and follow that specific path. However, for those who do believe they set out goals, what type of goals are they? Are they financial, personal, or other life orientated goals? There are so many different ways we can interpret the term ‘goal’ and it’s a very important term at that too. Setting goals of all types allows us as individuals to pave a clearer path for your own personal future, without intentions and goals, it could be clear to others that you don’t have definite path in sight and you’re potentially satisfied with having an unclear path. Generally, successful people are goal setters, goal setting applies to all facets of our lives,

Goals are what shape us into the person we desire to be like I have previously explained in my earlier blog posts. Those individuals that are seen to be more of the ‘risk’ taker are those who generally have goals and plans set out for themselves to reach their desired level of status in their chosen profession, or even the way they want to be perceived by other people in the public in the future. However, those people who choose to let life choose their course are the ones that find themselves going around in circles and don’t actually know what they want to get out of their life opportunities.

Growing up, being heavily involved in many types of sports like; tennis, rugby, cricket and golf I have always envisioned myself wanting to play a sport for a living. I was never too keen on the idea of ‘goal setting’, I was always informed about this idea going through high school but never thought too much about it until I became more mature and neared the end of my time in high school when I had some decisions to make. I sat down in the comfort of my own room and started to pan out some short term goals (where I wanted to be 5 years from now), and then some longer term goals (where I wanted to be 10 years or longer from now). Now since those five year goals have come to an end, it’s a great feeling knowing that you have accomplished a majority of your personal goals, and even though I didn’t achieve them all, I’m not too worried, unfortunately we can’t achieve all of them. Now, as certain time periods come to end, it’s vital that we don’t stop goal setting, this time gives us an opportunity to re-evaluate our position compared to where we want to be and then make adjustments from there. Life is a constant cycle of goal setting, in order for us to achieve the greatest amount of success, we need to be regarded as ‘goal setters’.

I want you to regard yourself as a goal setter, and see how much success you have, you’ll be surprised!

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Find Your Purpose

How would you define your purpose in life? Is it to help others around you become the best person they can be in whatever way that is? Or simply, are you still looking for your purpose in life and how do we find it? We never know how far away our desired purpose is, it could be right in front of us for all we know, but we are often blind sided by other factors that deviate our thoughts from our desired life purpose. It’s important to drive towards that feeling of discovering your purpose, otherwise we tend to live a life with no direction or goals, and find ourselves going around in circles. We can also expedite this process by surrounding ourselves with successful and inspiring people that have the ability to motivate us through their life successes. It is when we surround ourselves with those ‘toxic’ types of people that we can get brought down into their unsuccessful lives, they often do this through; negativity and down grading your abilities, forcing you to relinquish your dreams or potential success.

Often times, even though we never know when we could define our purpose, it takes some serious time and adventuring around to find this lost part of ourselves. Going back to my previous blog posts regarding, Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone, I believe that finding your purpose lies within the person’s desire to go out and take advantage of what life brings to every single person. I know personally, in my particular situation, that I have been closer than ever to identifying why I’m the person I am today. For the last 4 years, I have had to adapt swiftly to some different cultural norms in America, I have had to change my ways of communicating with each other, and learning how to live what I would call a “normal” life in a totally new country.

Believe me, it hasn’t been an easy journey at the best of times, however, with my inner willingness to achieve the most I could throughout my time at an American educational institution, I have almost come out the end and I believe that I am closer than ever to defining my own personal life purpose. I really enjoy informing people of my life story and the ups and downs I have experienced to get to this point, but more importantly, I have done this with absolutely no regrets. I like to think that I can inspire others to become the best person they can, and inform them that we all share the ability to achieve the most amount of success, but it comes down to the person you are and if your happy with your current status pro quo.

Please feel free to comment with any additional questions you may have in the comment section below.

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