Persistence Is Key To Your Success

How often have you given up on something? Was your desired outcome simply too hard to achieve, or were you expecting the results to come a lot sooner than you thought? All of these are common reasons why we give up on things. However, a lot of people who do in fact give up easily and are a little too lazy in reaching their dreams of success often don’t possess the ability of persistence. The idea of persistence is the ultimate attribute any individual can have in order to achieve success, unfortunately in life there is no such substitute for this notion. We have all discovered that life can throw many curve balls at you throughout your lifetime, and those who don’t show signs of persistence will often be the ones who come crashing down as a result of life’s challenges. Success doesn’t come to anyone easily these days, it requires determination, passion, and persistence.

There are a number of reasons that exist today that prove to us that preaching the idea of persistence and incorporating this idea into our lives will become severely beneficial for us. Firstly, persistence makes you an expert, since persistence is often associated with time, because we will be doing something over an extended period of time, we will gradually become better at whatever we are trying to do, turning you into an expert. Secondly, it shows signs to other people as well as yourself that you are being ambitious of your success dreams. Typically, those people who consider themselves as being highly ambitious are the ones who will also generally possess the idea of persistence. Lastly, by conforming to the idea of persistence, it will begin to teach you to appreciate the value of success. It will teach you that success is far from easy to come by, and the time period is rather unknown until you feel that sense of success in your life, but once you do feel that sensation, then you will become a lot more appreciative of the work you have done to get yourself in that particular position.

When we talk about sport, persistence and patience is one of the major contributors to success, especially when we look at someone who is trying to find their way out on to the professional circuit. However, speaking from experience, the sport of golf definitely requires the notion of persistence of anyone willing to play the sport for a living. It’s a lonely road sometimes, feeling lost is definitely most professional golfers have experienced at some point in their careers. It is those people who shows signs of persistence and determination early on in their career that will eventually come out with the greatest amount’s of success.

Look at Phil Mickelson for example, Mickelson will go down as one of the greatest golfers of all time, however, depending on how we look at it, he was quite fortunate/unfortunate playing in his prime against probably the greatest golfer of all time, Tiger Woods. Mickelson may have achieved more success if it wasn’t for Tiger, however, he chose to look at it from more of a positive perspective. Mickelson’s persistence and love for the game allowed him the status he possesses now and thanks Tiger for pushing himself that little bit further to be that bit better and therefore wouldn’t have had the career he has been able to have.

Be persistent, success could be right around the corner.

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